fashion cupcakes

These 2 tempting cupcakes pictures were taken from here.

*This post has nothing to do with any orders. We just find these pictures interesting.


shahrir & fiza

It has been 2 weeks after the engagement ceremony. We are so sorry for this late posting. This Vanilla cupcakes were ordered by Lina for her sister. We went down all the way to Kuantan just to send these little ones there plus became her "mate" as we do not do delivery outside KL area.
The ceremony went well and glad that her sister liked it and fuuhhhh finally we have the right colour for the decorations.

p/s:these cuppies were brought to Kuantan by a cab and a bus that required 4 hours LONG journey but luckily it survived so did both of us.=)

Lots of Hugs and Kisses,



pending post

Hi darlings,

We has one pending post. Waiting for Lina to give us the pictures as we forgot to take photos during that day. As soon as we got our pictures, we will post it for your view=)

Till then
Lots of hugs and kisses,



engagement order

This is meant for cupcakes tasting for Audrey's best friend. Her sister is getting engage soon and the color that she wanted is purple. We come out with this color but at the end it was the wrong color*sob sob sob*. She wanted a deep purple color so on her real engagement day, we will try to fulfill her request. hehe!

Till then,

Lots of hugs and kisses,


Square pants-sea sponge and starfish bestie makes their way from Bikini Bottom

Mr Squarepants and his bestfriend, Patrick were ordered by Agnes's old schoolmate. Mr Squarepants and Patrick are for her engagement favors. This chocolate cupcakes travelled all the way to Malacca*we do not do delivery service outside KL.It was pick-up by one of her friends* for the engagement. We wish eternal happiness for the couple.

till then,

Lots of hugs and kisses,


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