Past Projects

Its been a while we abandoned itsy-bitsybites due to our hectic working life. There are few projects we did along that time but we were unable to find the time to post it here. As for now, we would like to show you the past orders that we had made for our supporting customers. We know, its the wrong time to post it since now its Fasting month for all the Muslims out there but this just one of that minor "obstacles" right? We know that you are stronger than that=) so feel free to browse the past orders that we had made for them.

This order was made for 2 little boys that love Manchester United. One with age of 5 and another with the age of 9. Look at the football vibes that can influence various age. We have few of orders that are specially designed for the Manchester United fans.=)

This order was a birthday theme. Our customer specifically wanted a fat lips, a jersey and shorts and a pair of shoes and she specifically mentioned what colour she wanted so it was quite a simple order.

Since our Independence Day this year falls during fasting month and for those who are working, we got quite a LONG weekend right? This particular customer likes to order when she wants to go back to her hometown. The theme was "balik puasa & merdeka!" with Malaysia Flag. One very loyal customer. We love you!!!

p/s:we love everyone of you also;) Happy Fasting

Till then


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