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Hi Cupcake darlings,

Just for your information, we will be at Jeumpa D'ramo this weekend (2-3 May 2009) in conjunction with Bijou Bazaar. We know its been a while we have not join any bazaar so we wanna grab this opportunity to join this bazaar. As mention in this event, all buyers are encourage to bring along their own shopping bag as we wanna preserve the environment.

We are hoping that we can meet up with you guys there=) Remember to bring along your own shopping bag;)

Lots of hugs and kisses,



Birthdays in March and April

Another birthday cupcakes
Raz Cupcakes with the "Diner Dash" theme
For a girl who loves "Diner Dash"
Diana's Cupcakes with "Fashion" theme
For a girl who loves to pamper herself

We are so sorry for putting these three orders in one post.

During March, one of our ex-housemates ordered two birthday theme cupcakes for our ex-housemates. One order was designed for Diana, a girl who loves shoes,cosmetics,bags,clothes so we had used fondant(we like to call it adult "play doh" that is edible) to come up with the shoes,clutch,lipstick and dress. The "birthday wish" on the cupcakes was made by the fondant too. The next order was for Raz,a girl who loves to play computer games. One of her favourite game is Diner Dash so we had made some "Diner Dash" equipment as the decorations for her cupcakes. All the "Equipment" decorations were also made using fondant as well as the birthday wish. These cupcakes are Banana Chocolate Flavours and we are so happy and flattered when we found out that they like our cupcakes. Hope it is not too late to wish Happy Birthday to Raz and Diana.=)

The other order was from one of our friend also. She ordered it for her dear friend who celebrated birthday somewhere in April. She just told us that she wanted cupcakes with "girlish" theme which means there will be a lot of flowers and pastel colors involved=) For this order, the Birthday wish was made using fondant while the flowers were made using buttercream and the flavour of the cupcakes was Vanilla Chocolate Chips. We really hope that she like our cupcakes*blushing*

Enough for all the information,feel free to look at the pictures above and comment=)

Lots of hugs and kisses,


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