Tong Tong Tong Chiang!

This Chinese New Year theme was ordered by a dear friend of us. She wanted Vanilla Chocolate Chips cupcakes as the flavor with Chinese New Year theme. Since this coming new year gonna be the year of Ox/cow, we gave her two cows,one male and another female.Not forgetting the "Kham" or normally we called it Mandarin oranges and firecrackers!!!Boom!!Boom!!!Boom!!!

P/s: itsy-bitsybites would like to wish each and everyone of u a Happy Chinese New Year.May all of us have plenty of luck in the year of Ox.

Lots of hugs and kisses,



liyanaizyan said...

Agnes...remember me?

Ur cupcakes look delicious! yummy.
Entrepreneur erk skrg. Good job!

btw, miss u! ^_^

itsy-bitsybites said...

of cos la i remember u pls!!
well, thank u..hehe..entrepreneur la sgt kan? bila nak order?hahaha

liyanaizyan said...

Tgh tunggu perfect timing...hehehe
I was thinking...may b for my 7th anniversary this coming feb. hehe..I'll ctc u later k? ^_^

itsy-bitsybites said...


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