The couple on their happy day along with their family=)

That same day, We got a call from Put saying that the cupcakes she ordered was to be displayed as the couple's cake as they did not have a cake that night. We were so shocked(*blushing* at the same time) and we glad that all of them love the cupcakes. To Put and Farah, we had FUN in doing your order and for the Couple, we wish you congratulations on your registration and may both of you have many happy returns in the future=)

First of all we would like to congratulate the couple on their registration. These cupcakes was ordered by one of our dear friend,Put for her friend. We managed to come up with this design.Hope you guys enjoy!=)

p/s:sorry for the low quality pics. For the time being, we gonna use phone camera until we got back our camera=(

Lots of hugs & kisses,



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