For better and for worse

Cupcakes*banana choc chip* for wedding favor
Some of the decorations
Bride and Groom initials
To Ms Hidayah Husin*who is dear to our heart* soon to be Mrs Yoyo,

We have known you for 4 years plus since both of us were in MMU Malacca. You are such a good friend to both of us until now. When we first knew you, you were single and available but now you are someone's fiancee and soon-to-be wife. We know that you are excited to start the new chapter of life as Mr Yoyo's wife. We are happy and glad that you had found someone you love and wanna spend the rest of your life with him. Hope Mr Yoyo can take care of our Ms Hidayah Husin. *tears*tears*tears*

We would like to wish you congratulations, make many hidayah and yoyo juniors ya for us to bully*ops* and play around!!

WE*Adik beradik cina kamu* LOVE YOU HIDAYAH HUSIN!!!

Much Happiness from,

Audrey & Agnes


Happy Teachers' Day

*First BM post*

Kepada Cikgu,

Kami di Itsy-bitsybites ingin mengambil peluang ini untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Guru kepada semua guru-guru di luar sana. Kami ingin berterima kasih di atas segala tunjuk ajar dan pengorbanan guru-guru selama ini kepada kami *secara langsung atau tidak langsung*. Tanpa kesabaran guru-guru semua, tidak mungkin kami boleh berada di mana kami sekarang.*kami tahu yang kami ini antara manusia-manusia yang degil*

Sekali lagi, Selamat Hari Guru dan TERIMA KASIH CIKGU!*sambil berdiri*

Lots of hugs and kisses,




Happy Mother's day
some of the designs

This was made for one of our lovely friend for her in-law family. She ordered for banana (her favorite!) and vanilla choc chip since some of her nieces and nephews have so allergic reaction towards banana.=( She enjoyed the cupcakes with her mother in law along with the extended family and we are so glad to make this cuppies for her.

These cuppies' topping is chocolate fudge.

As per us, we celebrated Mother's Day by treating our mom eat KFC. =)

Lots of hugs and kisses,



All the way from Tronoh...

"you will never walk alone"
Happy birthday!!
One more time,Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy with the cake?

Both of these cupcakes order came all the way from Tronoh,Perak. It were ordered by our little sisters' friends. We do not know her friends name so we just named them Ms Itsy and Ms Bitsy ok?(Please do not be offended=)) Ms Itsy requested for a birthday themed cupcakes. She mentioned that she wanted a LIVERPOOL theme for her friend (or should we say Boyfriend?lol!) We designed the jerseys for her as we are not pro in doing the logo=(
Ms Itsy ordered for 25 chocolate flavor cuppies and we charged her RM40 as the cups' size are small.(2 oz only)

Ms Bitsy ordered 6 chocolate flavor cuppies also for another birthday celebration. For her cuppies, we charged her RM2.50 each as the size of the cups are BIG(3 1/4 oz). She just wanted "HAPPY" and a picture of cupcake on the cuppies.

Hope both of Ms Itsy and Ms Bitsy enjoy their cupcakes with their loved ones and friends.

p/s: The delivery was made by our little sister as she was on her way back to her uni.

Lots of Hugs and kisses,


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