shahrir & fiza

It has been 2 weeks after the engagement ceremony. We are so sorry for this late posting. This Vanilla cupcakes were ordered by Lina for her sister. We went down all the way to Kuantan just to send these little ones there plus became her "mate" as we do not do delivery outside KL area.
The ceremony went well and glad that her sister liked it and fuuhhhh finally we have the right colour for the decorations.

p/s:these cuppies were brought to Kuantan by a cab and a bus that required 4 hours LONG journey but luckily it survived so did both of us.=)

Lots of Hugs and Kisses,



leendiaz said...

After a long long discussion about the colour and decoration, u guys managed to get the right colours as Nadia expected!!! Thank u so much.. Heheheh..They like it so much..muahs

just a piece of mind said...

yeah!finally.thanks to sharon too!glad that the CROWD like it.omg!still remember the big rombongan...

leendiaz said...

yer!!!! rombongan yang ramai giler wey!!! nak muntah tgk org ramai sgt!! owh btw, my cousins like it too. And the cuppies so comel..good job guys, audrey, anes, sharon!!!

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