a gift from Nadya Salleh to her colleague=)

*Here comes the bride....all dressed in white....lalalalalala~*

*Their love story started in year 2000 while both of them still studying. They got engaged in year 2008 and in 2010 they became man and wife.He drives a Honda to bring his bride to shop as one of her hobby is shopping. Don't all of us love to shop?:p

*We wish Aida and Shah for enternal happiness=)*

This cupcakes were ordered by our dear friend, Nadya. Its her wedding present to a newly wed couple. We did it as "hantaran" and we enjoyed doing this as this is one of the not so conservative design for "Hantaran" as the cupcakes were designed based on their love story.*schweeettt* We want to thank Nadya for having faith in us and let our creativity flows...=D thanks babe=D

lots of hugs and kisses,



zielalala... said...

i really love it! u guys rock! sume org suka tau!

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