happy birthday to AGNES!!

I made these cookies for my beloved and HOT sis,Agnes(Agnes, please do not amend this post). Her birthday was 11.12.08 and we had a blast surprise birthday party at Delicious Bangsar with our closest friends. These vanilla cookies with blueberry jam is made with lots of lurve and instructions from our mom for my lil' sis. Happy Birthday babe!!!

Lots of hugs and kisses,



Roz./Ed said...

Hey Happy Bday!!! =]

itsy-bitsybites said...

am not hot.
am overrated..
thank u audrey!

dD.Diyana said...


Did you just "babe" Agnes?

eee kalau adik aku "babe" aku dah lama aku debik dia.

hahaahhhaa happy belated bday anyways!

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