itsy-bitsybites' trip to Sabah

Rozan decided to order a set of cupcakes from us to bring back home, Sabah that is. The only thing is, the cupcakes are specially customized to surprise his baby sister, who loves pink, heart shape, and cats. We figured out by just putting on "meow" in the center will eventually make more sense rather than molding a cat's face(it looked half puppy half kitten in the end) . We do hope rozan's sister will love the surprise yeah?


Roz./Ed said...

Heeeeyyyy Agnes!!

so nice of u to blog bout this.. teehee.. anyway, its Sabah.. nt Sarawak.. Lol..

anyway, she luv'd it.. she thought they were sweet ( by the fact tat u decorated it sweetly... Lol )

thnks aight?


and hehe, hope u gals be able to make it BIGGGG!!! Like, u knw, world-domination by cupcakes? hehe

itsy-bitsybites said...

owh no!
sorry rozan!!!
will correct for u soonish. yeah2 the icing has to be sweet babe, otherwise it'll not survive on ur way home
thank u............

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