itsy-bitsybites@hartmas square

Friends that support us=)

some of our customers=)

Here are some of the piccies we managed to snap during the event.Thanks so much to all for supporting us.

Hi Darlings,

First of all,sorry for all the silence. We have been busy for this couple of weeks. We will try to update our website as soon as we got time ya.=)

We would like to inform u that we will be at Hartamas Square this coming Saturday(17/01/09) starting from 10am till 5pm in conjunction with Pick&Grab II organised by lahlahlandkl so for those who miss us (u know that we miss u too) please join us and let us do some catch up(is there even a word?ahaks).

For more details, please visit www.lahlahland.blogspot.com

Hope to see u there=)

Lots of hugs and kisses,


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