Little itsy=)

We would like to introduce the Little Itsy*cakepops* ordered by one of our friend for her friend's birthday. All we can say is that this project took quite some times since everything had to be "mini"until all of us almost went blind!!! Below are some of the topping for the cakepops:

Shoes Topping on the cake pops

These Vanilla and Chocolate Cake pops are RM 75.00 for 50 pieces.

Till Then,



Past Projects

Its been a while we abandoned itsy-bitsybites due to our hectic working life. There are few projects we did along that time but we were unable to find the time to post it here. As for now, we would like to show you the past orders that we had made for our supporting customers. We know, its the wrong time to post it since now its Fasting month for all the Muslims out there but this just one of that minor "obstacles" right? We know that you are stronger than that=) so feel free to browse the past orders that we had made for them.

This order was made for 2 little boys that love Manchester United. One with age of 5 and another with the age of 9. Look at the football vibes that can influence various age. We have few of orders that are specially designed for the Manchester United fans.=)

This order was a birthday theme. Our customer specifically wanted a fat lips, a jersey and shorts and a pair of shoes and she specifically mentioned what colour she wanted so it was quite a simple order.

Since our Independence Day this year falls during fasting month and for those who are working, we got quite a LONG weekend right? This particular customer likes to order when she wants to go back to her hometown. The theme was "balik puasa & merdeka!" with Malaysia Flag. One very loyal customer. We love you!!!

p/s:we love everyone of you also;) Happy Fasting

Till then



Sweet Dreams by Kirsten Lepore

A 10-minute animated film written, directed, and animated by Kirsten Lepore


pick & grab 5

Hi darlings,

We were at pick & grab 5 last saturday in Hartamas Square and all we can say its been a while we didn't join bazaar. It was super hot day and we managed to catch up with the old and new vendors. Bazaar is the time where we make friends with others. We found out from Sun that Lahlah Land is opening a shop in SS15 on this 15th of August. We could not wait to visit the shop!! Congratulations to Lahlah Land!!!

p/s: the pictures during the day is with our friend. Waiting for her to pass it to us so that we can post it here=)
Till Then,
lots of hugs and kisses



fashion cupcakes

These 2 tempting cupcakes pictures were taken from here.

*This post has nothing to do with any orders. We just find these pictures interesting.


shahrir & fiza

It has been 2 weeks after the engagement ceremony. We are so sorry for this late posting. This Vanilla cupcakes were ordered by Lina for her sister. We went down all the way to Kuantan just to send these little ones there plus became her "mate" as we do not do delivery outside KL area.
The ceremony went well and glad that her sister liked it and fuuhhhh finally we have the right colour for the decorations.

p/s:these cuppies were brought to Kuantan by a cab and a bus that required 4 hours LONG journey but luckily it survived so did both of us.=)

Lots of Hugs and Kisses,



pending post

Hi darlings,

We has one pending post. Waiting for Lina to give us the pictures as we forgot to take photos during that day. As soon as we got our pictures, we will post it for your view=)

Till then
Lots of hugs and kisses,



engagement order

This is meant for cupcakes tasting for Audrey's best friend. Her sister is getting engage soon and the color that she wanted is purple. We come out with this color but at the end it was the wrong color*sob sob sob*. She wanted a deep purple color so on her real engagement day, we will try to fulfill her request. hehe!

Till then,

Lots of hugs and kisses,


Square pants-sea sponge and starfish bestie makes their way from Bikini Bottom

Mr Squarepants and his bestfriend, Patrick were ordered by Agnes's old schoolmate. Mr Squarepants and Patrick are for her engagement favors. This chocolate cupcakes travelled all the way to Malacca*we do not do delivery service outside KL.It was pick-up by one of her friends* for the engagement. We wish eternal happiness for the couple.

till then,

Lots of hugs and kisses,



For better and for worse

Cupcakes*banana choc chip* for wedding favor
Some of the decorations
Bride and Groom initials
To Ms Hidayah Husin*who is dear to our heart* soon to be Mrs Yoyo,

We have known you for 4 years plus since both of us were in MMU Malacca. You are such a good friend to both of us until now. When we first knew you, you were single and available but now you are someone's fiancee and soon-to-be wife. We know that you are excited to start the new chapter of life as Mr Yoyo's wife. We are happy and glad that you had found someone you love and wanna spend the rest of your life with him. Hope Mr Yoyo can take care of our Ms Hidayah Husin. *tears*tears*tears*

We would like to wish you congratulations, make many hidayah and yoyo juniors ya for us to bully*ops* and play around!!

WE*Adik beradik cina kamu* LOVE YOU HIDAYAH HUSIN!!!

Much Happiness from,

Audrey & Agnes


Happy Teachers' Day

*First BM post*

Kepada Cikgu,

Kami di Itsy-bitsybites ingin mengambil peluang ini untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Guru kepada semua guru-guru di luar sana. Kami ingin berterima kasih di atas segala tunjuk ajar dan pengorbanan guru-guru selama ini kepada kami *secara langsung atau tidak langsung*. Tanpa kesabaran guru-guru semua, tidak mungkin kami boleh berada di mana kami sekarang.*kami tahu yang kami ini antara manusia-manusia yang degil*

Sekali lagi, Selamat Hari Guru dan TERIMA KASIH CIKGU!*sambil berdiri*

Lots of hugs and kisses,




Happy Mother's day
some of the designs

This was made for one of our lovely friend for her in-law family. She ordered for banana (her favorite!) and vanilla choc chip since some of her nieces and nephews have so allergic reaction towards banana.=( She enjoyed the cupcakes with her mother in law along with the extended family and we are so glad to make this cuppies for her.

These cuppies' topping is chocolate fudge.

As per us, we celebrated Mother's Day by treating our mom eat KFC. =)

Lots of hugs and kisses,



All the way from Tronoh...

"you will never walk alone"
Happy birthday!!
One more time,Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy with the cake?

Both of these cupcakes order came all the way from Tronoh,Perak. It were ordered by our little sisters' friends. We do not know her friends name so we just named them Ms Itsy and Ms Bitsy ok?(Please do not be offended=)) Ms Itsy requested for a birthday themed cupcakes. She mentioned that she wanted a LIVERPOOL theme for her friend (or should we say Boyfriend?lol!) We designed the jerseys for her as we are not pro in doing the logo=(
Ms Itsy ordered for 25 chocolate flavor cuppies and we charged her RM40 as the cups' size are small.(2 oz only)

Ms Bitsy ordered 6 chocolate flavor cuppies also for another birthday celebration. For her cuppies, we charged her RM2.50 each as the size of the cups are BIG(3 1/4 oz). She just wanted "HAPPY" and a picture of cupcake on the cuppies.

Hope both of Ms Itsy and Ms Bitsy enjoy their cupcakes with their loved ones and friends.

p/s: The delivery was made by our little sister as she was on her way back to her uni.

Lots of Hugs and kisses,



itsy-bitsybites @ Jeumpa D'ramo-CANCELLED

Bijou Bazaar Flyers
Map to Jeumpa D'ramo

Hi Cupcake darlings,

Just for your information, we will be at Jeumpa D'ramo this weekend (2-3 May 2009) in conjunction with Bijou Bazaar. We know its been a while we have not join any bazaar so we wanna grab this opportunity to join this bazaar. As mention in this event, all buyers are encourage to bring along their own shopping bag as we wanna preserve the environment.

We are hoping that we can meet up with you guys there=) Remember to bring along your own shopping bag;)

Lots of hugs and kisses,



Birthdays in March and April

Another birthday cupcakes
Raz Cupcakes with the "Diner Dash" theme
For a girl who loves "Diner Dash"
Diana's Cupcakes with "Fashion" theme
For a girl who loves to pamper herself

We are so sorry for putting these three orders in one post.

During March, one of our ex-housemates ordered two birthday theme cupcakes for our ex-housemates. One order was designed for Diana, a girl who loves shoes,cosmetics,bags,clothes so we had used fondant(we like to call it adult "play doh" that is edible) to come up with the shoes,clutch,lipstick and dress. The "birthday wish" on the cupcakes was made by the fondant too. The next order was for Raz,a girl who loves to play computer games. One of her favourite game is Diner Dash so we had made some "Diner Dash" equipment as the decorations for her cupcakes. All the "Equipment" decorations were also made using fondant as well as the birthday wish. These cupcakes are Banana Chocolate Flavours and we are so happy and flattered when we found out that they like our cupcakes. Hope it is not too late to wish Happy Birthday to Raz and Diana.=)

The other order was from one of our friend also. She ordered it for her dear friend who celebrated birthday somewhere in April. She just told us that she wanted cupcakes with "girlish" theme which means there will be a lot of flowers and pastel colors involved=) For this order, the Birthday wish was made using fondant while the flowers were made using buttercream and the flavour of the cupcakes was Vanilla Chocolate Chips. We really hope that she like our cupcakes*blushing*

Enough for all the information,feel free to look at the pictures above and comment=)

Lots of hugs and kisses,




The couple on their happy day along with their family=)

That same day, We got a call from Put saying that the cupcakes she ordered was to be displayed as the couple's cake as they did not have a cake that night. We were so shocked(*blushing* at the same time) and we glad that all of them love the cupcakes. To Put and Farah, we had FUN in doing your order and for the Couple, we wish you congratulations on your registration and may both of you have many happy returns in the future=)

First of all we would like to congratulate the couple on their registration. These cupcakes was ordered by one of our dear friend,Put for her friend. We managed to come up with this design.Hope you guys enjoy!=)

p/s:sorry for the low quality pics. For the time being, we gonna use phone camera until we got back our camera=(

Lots of hugs & kisses,



a birthday wish for Mr Handy Man

Happy Birthday Mr. Handy Man=)
His Tools
His Yellow "Booties"
& More of his Tools

"Bob The Builder",that was the theme that was requested by one of our customer. She wanted to give it to one of her close family for the birthday celebration. She also requested that we use lots of vibrant and happy color and give us the freedom to design the cuppies!=) We came up with this theme and glad that she liked it!YIPEEEE!!!!

p/s:These cuppies are chocolate cuppies with chocolate topping and it were done by Agnes since Audrey was away.Kudos to Agnes=)

Lots of Hugs & Kisses,



Earth Hour Malaysia

Take Action and help make Earth Hour the largest climate event in history.

It's as simple as a flick of the switch.


Happy birthday MAMA!!!

You taught us everything
And everything you’ve given us
We always keep it inside
You’re the driving force in our life, yeah
There isn’t anything
Or anyone we can be
And it just wouldn’t feel right
If we didn’t have you by our side

You were there for us to love and care for us
When skies were grey
Whenever we were down
You were always there to comfort us
And no one else can be what you have been to us
You’ll always be you always will be the girl
In our life for all times

Mama, mama you know we love you
Oh you know we love you
Mama, mama you’re the queen of our heart
Your love is like
Tears from the stars
Mama, we just want you to know
Lovin’ you is like food to our soul

You’re always down for us
Have always been around for us even when we were bad
You showed us right from my wrong
Yes you did

And you took up for us
When everyone was downin’ us
You always did understand
You gave us strength to go on

There was so many times
Looking back when we were so afraid
And then you come to us
And say to us, we can face anything
And no one else can do
What you have done for us
You’ll always be
You will always be the girl in our life

This post is especially for our mom since today is her birthday. Happy Birthday Mama. Thanks for all the sacrifices and the supports that you had given us. Thanks for having the patience since we are not "normal children" like in the other families(yes,we like to argue with our mom.We called it "discussions in high pitch voice"lol!). You treat us like an adult and taught us to face the obstacles with a brave heart and strong will.


Lots of hugs and kisses,

your daughters and son,

Audrey,Agnes,Sharon And Kevin


Glory Glory Man United!!

The dude with his cuppies=)

Glory Glory Man United!
Glory Glory Man United!
Glory Glory Man United!
And the Reds go marching on, on, on.

Just like the Busby Babes in Days gone by,
We’ll keep the Red Flags flying high,
You’ve got to see yourself from far and wide,
You’ve got to hear the masses sing with pride.

United! Man United!
We’re the boys in Red and we’re on our way to Wem-ber-ly.
Wem-ber-ly! Wem-ber-ly!
We’re the famous Man United and we’re going to Wem-ber-ly.
Wem-ber-ly! Wem-ber-ly!
We’re the famous Man United and we’re going to Wem-ber-ly.

In Seventy-Seven it was Docherty,
Atkinson will make it Eighty-Three,
And everyone will know just who we are,
They’ll be singing “Que Sera Sera”.

United! Man United!
We’re the boys in Red and we’re on our way to Wem-ber-ly.
Wem-ber-ly! Wem-ber-ly!
We’re the famous Man United and we’re going to Wem-ber-ly.
Wem-ber-ly! Wem-ber-ly!
We’re the famous Man United and we’re going to Wem-ber-ly.

Glory Glory Man United!
Glory Glory Man United!
Glory Glory Man United!
And the Reds go marching on, on, on. (x3)

This was ordered by our friend,Ijat.He is one of the BIG and LOYAL supported of the RED DEVIL team so he wanted a RED DEVIL theme cupcakes. The flavour of the cupcakes is choc peanut butter. He wants us to put the players' numbers so we present him with our own creation of these cuppies!Hope u like it dude!!

lots of Hugs and Kisses,

itsy-bitsybites dudettes.


itsy-bitsybites @ SOHO KL

This was the "look" on that day
V-Day Cuppies
Would u "BE MINE"

Hugs and Kisses poppies

"Love You"
It was full of love on the weekend.We can see there are lots of couple walking around the bazaar and we do feel the love guys.=)For those who supporting us,do keep on supporting us.We really appreciate it=)

Lots of hugs and kisses,


Hi Darlings,

itsy-bitsybites will be at SOHO KL this coming weekend. We will be selling v-day theme of cupcakes and poppies. We will be there in conjunction with Bijou Bazaar:-Romancing 50's Malaya so do dress up like the old 50's time. Let us celebrate the valentine day together-gether ya.=)

Venue: Soho KL, Solaris Mont Kiara
Date : 14-15 Feb 2009
Time: 2pm-10pm
Theme: Romancing 1950’s Malaya
(ie baju ketat is a must)

p/s:could not wait to see some of u wearing P.Ramlee's outfit.huhu!

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