sorry for the hiatus...

First of all, we would like to apologise for the silence....Both of us were so busy with our 9-9*yah rite!!!* job until we abandoned this site. Anyway here are the some updates about us while we were gone...

-Wanda & Ziela-

We would like to congratulate Wanda & Ziela on their engagement. We are so sorry for taking so long to post this project. As for this design, both of them wanted something simple and stuffs that made them "THEM" so we suggested, instead of having the normal engagement theme, why don't they go for something more creative? so here it is...The cupcakes were decorated with the things that they like. We even did a pop quiz with them, asked Wanda what Ziela likes and vice versa. =) To both of them congratulation again.

"Wanda suka Manchester United and Favourite Player dia Rooney. Dia pon suka gitar juga"-quoted from Ziela.

Ziela ini suka SHOPPING!!and dia suka Indonesian Band - quoted from Wanda

Left is his side and right is her side=)


Both of these orders came from Agnes's ex-schoolmate. Sorry to you too for posting it late=)

-Hawa's Hen Night-

Hen Night theme.

Congratulations to Nad's friend. hope that u like our decoration. We provide you several bras and panties and not forgetting thongs *wink*wink*

The bras

The thong and panties


-Another engagement order-

Here are the pictures for Nad's brother engagement. She requested an english themed cupcakes so this was what we can come out with.=)

Thanks a bunch for placing such fun orders. We had to admit that we ourselves had tremendous glee molding the fondant and cake testing. We're looking forward to hear from you guys soon, pictures especially!
Till then,


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